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Jayalalithaa Unknown Facts  

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Born on 24th of February 1948, as Komalavalli, Jayalalithaa; the actress-turned-politician breathed her last breath on 5th of December 2016, after a prolonged treatment in Apollo Hospitals, Chennai.

Only time and corrupt politicians can tell whether God is behind her demise, or the evil in her house is behind her demise. She joined AIDMK founded by MGR in 1982. Thus began her political career, which sprawled until her demise. For over 30 years, she has been instrumental in shaping the facet of the state of Tamil Nadu. She has been the witness of atrocities in the Tamil state, and a flag bearer of corrupt politics in the Dravidian state. She is popularly called as ‘Amma’ by her followers and party members.

This article sheds light on the achievements, the dark life and hidden secrets of Jayalalithaa and her reign in Tamil Politics. She is very fond of gold ornaments and jewellery, but only required 6 foot by 3 foot with 4 feet deep to end her glorious, murky and emotional 34 years of political journey.

The Good…

Achievements of Jayalalithaa as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu:

  • Raising of Mullaperiyar Dam’s water level to 142 feet from 136 feet, thereby providing water to Tamil Nadu people.
  • Organized the first ‘Tamil Nadu Global Investors Meet’ in 2015, attracting investments close to Rs. 2.42 Lakh crores.
  • Gold Scheme for Woman – 4 grams of gold and Rs. 25,000 towards woman’s marriage.
  • ‘Forced’ Rainwater harvesting system.
  • Cradle Baby scheme – It reduced abortion of female foetuses and female infanticide.
  • All Woman Police Station
  • AMMA Mess provided a meal for just Rs. 10
  • Handling the 2004 Tsunami.
  • Banned lottery completely from the state.
  • Phased Prohibition (of liquor).
  • Stabilization of ‘Electricity Distribution’ in the state.
  • 69% reservations to backward classes in Tamil Nadu

The Bad…

Disproportionate Cases and Jayalalithaa’s assets!

Just like there are two sides to a coin, Jayalalithaa’s political career too had some black marks. Not only her political career was tarnished, but also her personal image. She was lauded as ‘Amma’ and received utmost respect from everyone in the Tamil state. She is the only political leader who brought her party into power in consecutive elections, a rare feat achieved after 30 years. The political career took a different turn after political leader Subramanian Swamy (then, the Janata Party President) filed a disproportionate assets case against her in June 1996. After an 18-year period, Jayalalithaa, Sasikala, Ilavarasi and Sudhakaran are finally convicted on 27th September 2014. Following are some shocking facts about Jayalalithaa’s wealth!

Jewellery and Assets

  • Gold – 21.280 Kgs
  • Silver – 1,250 Kgs (valued at Rs 3,12,50,000)
  • 10,500 Sarees
  • 91 Wrist Watches
  • 500 Crystal Glasses
  • 750 Pairs of Footwear
  • Movable Assets – Rs 41.73 Crores (Cash alone: 10.64 Crores)
  • Immovable Assets – Rs 72.09 Crores (as of 2016)

 Cars – 9 vehicles valued at Rs 42,25,000

  • Tempo Traveller
  • Swaraj Mazda Maxi
  • 1990 model Contessa
  • Mahindra Jeep
  • 1980-make Ambassador Car
  • Tempo Trax
  • 2 Toyota Pardo SUVs
  • Mahindra Bolero.

Investments in Companies

  • Rs 27.44 Crores
  • Investment Portfolios:
  • Green T Estate
  • Kodanad Estate
  • Sasi Enterprises (Rs. 20.12 Lakhs)
  • Shri Jaya Publications (Rs. 21.50 Crores)
  • Royal Valley Floritech Exports

 Property and Commercial Buildings:

  • Veda Nilayam – Chennai
  • Valued at Rs 43.96 Crores (as of 2016)
  • 24,000 sq. ft. with 21,662 sq. ft. built-up area
  • Kodanad Estate
  • Situated 20km from the Kotagiri, the oldest hill station in Nilgiri Mountains
  • Sprawling 1,600 tea-plantation estate
  • Palatial Bungalow
  • 43 Acres in Cheyyur Village, Kancheepuram
  • Siruthavur Bungalow – Siruthavur
  • 45 Room, 4 Kitchens, 6 Fish Ponds
  • Surrounded by 115 acres of Casuarina plantations
  • Paiyanur Bungalow – Close to Siruthavur
  • 22-acre area
  • Presently valued at 80+ Crores
  • Hyderabad Properties
  • Sri Nagar Colony
  • Multi-story commercial complex in 651
  • Currently Valued at 18 Crores
  • Jeedimetla Village, Ranga Reddy District
  • 5 Acres of Farmland
  • Surrounded by high-yielding coconut trees
  • It was a grapevine farm when Jayalalithaa was alive
  • Midas Golden Distilleries
  • Largest liquor supplier in Tamil Nadu
  • Turnover of 700 Crores (in FY 2016)
  • Jazz Cinemas
  • Largest Multiplex in Chennai
  • 11 Screen

The Ugly…

Critical events before and after the death of Jayalalithaa!

Jayalalithaa disrobed in Tamil Nadu Assembly

The incident took place during the Budget session in the Tamil Nadu State Assembly. The DMK was in power. The ruling party leader, Karunanidhi, then the Chief Minister and Finance Minister of the state stood up to deliver about the State’s Financial Budget for FY 1989 – FY 1990.

Karunanidhi’s speech was interrupted by Congress MLA Kumari Anandan. She alleged that the CM, Karunanidhi used state police to harass Jayalalithaa, the leader of Opposition. Soon, Jayalalithaa joined the protest and claimed that her phones are being tapped under the instructions of the CM.

Within minutes, what started as Assembly Budget Sessions soon turned out to be a chaotic situation. In amidst of the chaos, Jayalalithaa screamed, ‘people charged with criminals should not be allowed to introduce the budget’. She out-rightly affirmed that Chief Minister Karunanidhi was corrupt, and he doesn’t deserve to be even on the Assembly premises. She further stated ‘the CM should resign’.Karunanidhi snapped at Jayalalithaa and AIDMK stating, ‘these comments need to be removed from records for being unparliamentary’. This made Jayalalithaa very angry.

On receiving Jayalalithaa’s command to attack Karunanidhi, the AIDMK MLA KA. Sengottiyan rushed towards the desk of Karunanidhi. In this riot, Karunanidhi lost his balance and fell. The riot began with DMK members dismantling the microphones and throwing them at the AIDMK members. Soon, the DMK was answered with slippers and books. One of Jayalalithaa’s (AIDMK) MLA even tore the budget papers in half.

Realizing that things are being blown out of proportion, the speaker adjourned the house. Everyone expected the proceedings to continue in a much-civilized manner after the riot. But things just got worse. While Jayalalithaa was coming out of the Assembly, Durai Murugan of DMK, then minister of Public Works obstructed her, grabbing at her sari. Jayalalithaa cried for assistance.

Shockingly, Karunanidhi neither dismissed Durai Murugan for his digesting act or tendered an apology in the house (Tamil Nadu State Assembly) to Jayalalithaa.

Jayalalithaa publicly vowed that she would never step into the house (assembly) until conditions are created for a woman to attend the Assembly sessions with dignity and decorum. The CM Karunanidhi and Durai Murugan along with other DMK leaders were condemned and termed as uncouth and rowdies.

Death of Jayalalithaa… Rumours and Doctor’s Version


Not only her life, but the death of Jayalalithaa also became controversial. Though Doctor Richard Beale, an Intensivist Specialist, London Bridge Hospital clarified on the reports of the death of Jayalalithaa, many rumours made headlines.

Senior AIDML leader, PH Pandian claimed that Jayalalithaa was pushed by someone [Sasikala]. ‘During the night that she was hospitalized, Amma [Jayalalithaa] had a heated argument with people in Poes Garden. Amma was greatly depressed and was later pushed down by someone.

There was no sign of remorse on the face of Sasikala when I saw her in the hospital corridor along with her battalion of relatives.’

Jeemon Jacob, who reported for Tehelka stated in 2012 that, ‘After Amma came to know that the nurse appointed by Sasikala is giving her slow-poison and other chemicals, she expelled Sasikala and her relatives out of the Poes Garden.

An email written by journalist Bharka Dutta claimed that Jayalalithaa was given the wrong medicine for Diabetes before she was admitted.

Doctor’s Version

Doctor Richard Beale who was a part of the team of doctors who treated Jayalalithaa, gave a conclusive breakdown of the timelines right from Jayalalithaa’s admission into the hospital, and until her death.

  1. Jayalalithaa was put on a non-invasive ventilation. It was necessary for her to go on a ventilator. Though her initial condition improved, the sepsis disease progressed internally.
  2. After a doctor read the Election Commission letter, she signed the letter while being in conscious stated regarding who will be the Chief Minister of the state.
  3. She was brought to the hospital after she complained about short of breath. She was severely affected by sepsis disease. Even the severe respiratory infection was due to a blood infection, caused by sepsis. It led to the organ failure slowly with time.
  4. After sepsis overtook her health, she was limited to sign movement. Most of the time she was sleeping. She was interacting, eating and talking to over a week after sepsis got worse.
  5. Diabetes not only made the infection worse but also made the treatment of the disease difficult.
  6. During her last days, we only allowed people whom Jayalalithaa wanted to meet. Though she used to understand, she was not able to speak during her last days.
  7. There was no amputation or transplant done to Jayalalithaa. The marks shown on her cheeks are common in many critically ill patients.
  8. She suffered a severe cardiac arrest at around 17:00 hours on 5th December 2016. It was a WCA (Witnessed Cardiac Arrest) after a medical professional was present at the time of the cardiac arrested. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) was performed for 5 minutes, and ECMO – Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation treatment was given to her. We waited for 24 hours.
  9. Though the discussion about the transfer of Jayalalithaa cropped up during the last few days, we felt that it would be difficult to transfer such a critically ill patient. Jayalalithaa also conveyed to us [when she was awake] that she did not want to be shifted to London.
  10. After being admitted to the hospital, she suffered a sudden and severe cardiac arrest during the progress of the treatment. The sudden cardiac arrest was responsible for the death of Jayalalithaa.

The arrival of Selfish Scavengers after Jayalalithaa’s death!

Though the scavengers in the wild help the nature by clearing the dead remains, the scavengers in the civilized society end up feeding on dead people’s property and assets to amass wealth by cheap means.

Niece and Nephew – Deepa and Deepak Jayakumar

It all started after Jayalalithaa’s niece and nephew, Deepa and Deepak Jayakumar claimed themselves as the legal heirs of the late TN CM. Talking to the press, a week after the death of Jayalalithaa, Deepak Jayakumar said, ‘Jayalalithaa has left her properties and wealth to me and my sister Deepa.

The Veda Nilayam in Poes Garden, Chennai belongs to us [him and his sister]. This is clearly written in Jayalalithaa’s will.’

Things further turned to be murkier, after son’s and daughter’s started coming from various parts of Tamil Nadu. 

Shoban Babu – Jayalalithaa Fake Son episode

A 28-year-old man named, Krishnamurthy, a resident of Erode, Tamil Nadu claimed that he is the only son of the Late TN CM and is the legal heir of her property. He further stated that he is living with his adopted parents in Jayalalithaa’s friend Vanithamani’s house.

Krishnamurthy filed a petition in the Tamil Nadu high court stating that he is born to Jayalalithaa and Telugu actor Shoban Babu.

The man was later arrested after the police found that documents he submitted to the court were fake. The police officials have identified the man’s biological parents and the court dismissed the case.

MGR– Jayalalithaa Fake Daughter episode

Another woman, identified as Priya Lakshmi, claimed that she was the daughter of MGR and Jayalalithaa. During their investigation, the police later found out her claims to be a hoax. She has been arrested on the charges of ‘fraudulence.’

Apart from these, a 37-year-old woman named Amrutha Sarathy from Bengaluru claimed to be the daughter of the late CM. ‘I am ready to even undergo DNA test. I thought Shylaja and Sarathy were my parents. It was only recently my father (who brought me up), Sarathy told me about my true birth while he was on his deathbed. He told me that I was the daughter of Shoban Babu and Jayalalithaa.’

Shoban Babu – Jayalalithaa ‘alleged’ Daughter episode

Above all these, the Mannargudi mafia, headed by Sasikala, and accompanied by her husband Natarajan, and her clan of relatives had a supreme influence on the late Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Jayalalithaa. Since the latter’s death, the Mannargudi mafia has been trying desperately to acquire the vast properties that belonged to Jayalalithaa. Currently, Sasikala, along with 2 others is serving a 4-year-jail-term.

Some More Interesting News :

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