In an ideal world does hate exist

"If I never existed, I wouldn't have to worry about going to school, getting a job, trying to pay off student loans, getting a house, getting a mate, being "good" to get into "heaven", wars, crime, racial and religious conflicts, and everyone's petty problems (including my own). Idk...what do you think?"

This is true. There is nothing to say that it is worth being alive. Personally, so far, I've had enough good things happen, that it feels worth continuing to be alive, but things could easily get bad enough that one thinks life isn't worth living.

It's silly to say 'all life' is worth living, because it simply isn't. If someone feels chronic pain their entire life, and are unhappy for most of it, if they say their life was more terrible than good, who is ANYONE ELSE to say their life was worth living?!

Even if someone else also has chronic pain - but can get by with it more, and says they should still be grateful, what this person is forgetting, is that even though they also have chronic pain, then either the pain is less, or their brain is just capable of being happy enough even with the pain - more so than the person who is suicidal about their chronic pain.

EVERYONE could be made suicidal at some point. In the say way that 'everyone has a price', then everyone could be suicidal, if the conditions were right for it.

The ONLY people that can't understand why someone would be happier not existing at all, are those that have been lucky enough to feel enough pleasure from their lives, that they can't imagine not wanting to exist.