How long does an acoustic guitar last

Posted by Aleysha

I was just wondering about the lifetime of acoustic guitars, especially after reading about the deals some of you have made in pawn shops and the like... My former guitar teacher claimed that they do not last longer than 15 years, after that they would sort of become floppy and would not sound well any more.

I still own my no-name medium-priced guitar I bought when I was 16 (40 now). Once I broke my right arm and after that, I did not touch the instrument for years, did not even open the box. Later I wanted to play again, and what did I find when I opended the box? A guitar made up of three pieces! The neck had come off as well as this glued-on part where the lower ends of the strings are fastened on (pardon me - it is called "Steg" in German).

Then my husband put it all together again with an epoxy which he claimed to be the same used in Airbus construction (he is in the business). The guitar seems better now than it was before, clearer, less muted, but how long will it last? Plus, my daughter wants one and that would have to be a children's guitar. What is worth buying, are there telltale signs when you examine a guitar? And is it worth buying one 30 or more years old?

Thanks a lot