How is society unfair

It's unfortunate, but that is how society is. The people who are like you and who would accept you, are those who are not outspoken, or are not the type of people who are extraverted, so they are less likely to find since you won't usually find them easily in public.

I have had the same problem. It took me almost 18 years of my life(I am 18, so I guess more like 12-14 years, since you can't really socialize as a toddler anyways) until I finally found true friends who are like me. I hope it won't take you that long, because it was truly miserable. I really hope it won't for you, I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

But, lucky for you, I have everything you mentioned in common. I love to read, I'm a brony, I play video games, and I'm also against drugs. But, I'm a guy, so that's the only difference

I'd love to be your friend. If you have a bronysquare account, you should add me. If you don't, create one and add me, here is my profile:

Also, you should listen to this beautiful song, about how it's great to be different, it might help =)

I will hope the best and pray for you to find a group of friends who will truly want to be there for you. Hope you have a good night/day! Bro-hoof! /)

Source(s): Mobro-Mormon Brony