How do you say memorize in Malay

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    Place the list of words you need to learn right in front of you. Having your list of vocabulary words — whether they came from a textbook, the internet, or somewhere else — directly in front of you will make them easier to memorize.
    • Handwriting your list of words on a sheet of paper is a great way to kick off the memorization process.
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    Arrange the words in story or sentence form. After you’ve got your list, arrange the words in a way so that you can create a couple sentences or a story with the words. You don’t want to just build clunky sentences, though. Consider:
    • Rhyming words.
    • Pairing words cleverly.
    • This works best if you don’t have to know the words in a certain order.
    • You will be keeping the meaning of each word.
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    Find a memorable tune to accompany your words. Finding a memorable tune to accompany your arranged words will help you remember them more easily. Think about popular songs or songs that you can easily remember the tune to. Consider the tunes from:
    • Your current favorite pop songs.
    • Traditional folk tunes like “Molly Malone” or “John Brown’s Body.”
    • Pledges, anthems, or hymns, like the American Pledge of Allegiance, the American Marine hymn, or Hail Britannia.
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    Say or sing the words and their meaning to a tune. After you’ve arranged your words, say the words to yourself out loud. Afterwards, sing or rap the words. This way, you’ve taken your word list, associated with a tune, and now have your own song to memorize! You can sing it to yourself when you’re taking a test or trying to remember your word list.[4]

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    Sing, repeat or play the song or tune. As you go about your daily chores or travel, sing or repeat the song or tune over and over again. If you've recorded the song or tune (you singing/saying the words over and over), play it back while you're resting, or even sleeping. If you do record it, put the tune, rap or song on loop.[5]

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    Continue this until you are comfortable. Keep doing this until it feels as if the words and their meanings have stuck in your memory. Music is a great aid to memory, which is why it's so easy to remember pop songs. As a result, this should be a very pleasant and potentially enjoyable way of getting your work done.