How do you record a song cheaply

  • 1

    Decide what backing track you're going to use. On YouTube, there are many different backing tracks you can find for writing your own song to.

  • 2

    Find a melody that will fit to the instrumental. Once you have it in your head what sort of melody you could sing, the whole process will be easy.

  • 3

    Write the lyrics. Use interesting words and gripping sentences for this. Use stuff that will hook the listener.

  • 4

    Save the instrumental using an app like TubeSave. Then, upload it into a sound editor in a software like Easy Media Creator 10 by Roxio. You then have that as your first layer.

  • 5

    Using a tablet (iPad, Kindle Fire HD), download a really good sound recorder. Then upload the instrumental onto your phone. This will help to keep your music organised. Put your ear buds in, then press record on the sound app and play on the song. You will be able to sing in time.

  • 6

    Upon finishing, upload the recording onto your computer. Then add a second layer in your Sound Editor, and put it on.

  • 7

    Increase/decrease the volume of your vocals to the volume you want on the song.

  • 8

    Save the finished song. Rip the track to CD, and it's all done.