How do nontechnical people meet technical cofounders

Technically speaking, finding a good CTO is extremely difficult, and trust me, working with no CTO in most cases is better than having a bad CTO. When I wanted to start my first company, I partnered successively with tech people to do the programming part, but they were always subpar and never really "got it", that vision that fuels the project, and what entrepreneurship is about. they were always about becoming more skilled in programming and making it more creative, and not satisfying the customers or meeting deadlines. Good CTOs are very beneficial to your startup. Heck, they are what fuels it forward, but never compromise and get a bad CTO.

Based on my experience, compromising on a CTO can lead to a total collapse of the product development process and eventually your startup; failed business objectives, subpar product characteristics, and performance, waste of a budget, loss of labor hours and deployments that take forever. In most cases, this is not something your early-stage startup will be able to live through.

You should consider partnering with technological companies that provide technical services for startups. They are a great alternative while you're still looking for a technical co-founder. Don't set idle. Those tech companies conduct services tailored for startups, such as the development of prototypes for web platforms and mobile apps. They even help you in design stuff.

Try contacting GetTech :

It's a startup that provides those technical services at prices accessible for just founded startups, and services tailored as such. They also got a network of developpers and programmers, so as they work with you and get to know you, they recommend to you a programmer that would be best fit for you to be a co-founder. You could downright pay for their services, or give up on a 3% equity of your startup for a year and half of technical follow up in your project.