How do I masturbate when I’m 13

I have been masturbating for a couple months now, i really want to have an orgasm as my best friend says there great (she got one by her boyfriend fingering her - they are both 13) i've done it with my bf and it was AMAZING! we been dating since we were like 7, he enjoyed it aswell. i keep fantasizing about him f*cking me, so i started masturbating (before we did it together), its not really helping much as when i do it i rub my clit. I just cant seem to orgasm!!! Help please, i can only do it if he does it - thats only happened 1 time!! I've nearly got there but it was too much and i stopped. Im ready now though so if there are different types of masturbation - PLZ let me know!!!

Also should we masturbate together, again? (me and my bf) i know he dose it, he knows i do it so... should we, would it help me "get off on 1"?!?!?! It was really nice but we were alone then. if we do it again then theres a chance we might get caught... any help?

If u have rude comments - DON'T ANSWER THIS Q!!!!

Also if u wanna know what happens come back to this Q in about a week - it will be under the best answer in the comments - i will include details (not too many)


Oh thanks for all the rude crap comments! i asked for advice not to be insulted!!!!