How can you make kissing more fun

It takes time to develop the art of kissing. Personally I like it when a woman starts things.Begint by framing his face with your hands with a gentle, closed mouth kiss on the lips but then press your lips on his forhead.

The eyelids are great for kissing but for heaven's sake, be gentle. Work your way down to give a peck and even a gentle nip on the tip of his nose. Another kiss on the lips is in order but this time kiss the corner of his lips.

I've found that a gentle tug (either with my teeth or by gently sucking) on a woman's bottom lip will cause her mouth to open (yum!). When a woman gets to that point on me I want to take over and ravish her mouth but it's too soon. Move back up to the cheek bones and over to the ear. Gently nip the earlobe then suck on it a bit. Slowly run the tip of your tongue around the outide of the ear. ALWAYS pay attention to his reactions and make a mental note of what feels good to him and what seems to be a turn-off.

Don't lick his face the way a dog does!!!!! That, and excess spit seems to be revolting to most people.

Don't forget his head!!! I really love having a woman run her fingers through my hair and rub my head while we snog.

If you're simply snogging, this woks great.

Is this helping? I'm supposed to be working right now so I need to end this but if you'll let me know. I can writer more.

BTW Kissing for the sake of kissing always becomes boring