How can lice be treated on adults

How to Treat Lice in Dyed Hair – An Adult’s Guide

You can run but you cannot hide. The dreadful sessions of lice removal can flash before your eyes when we meet them again as adults.

The hatred for lice becomes even stronger if you have dyed hair.

If you were one of those people who got their hair dyed to get rid of head lice, then you are in for a surprise.

NEWS FLASH – dye only kills live lice due to the chemicals present within. But all the nits remain unharmed, because nit shells are not penetrable. So, as they hatch they cause a re-infestation.

Dear dye-hard friends, your attempt to lice removal went in vain. Why not try some dye-friendly lice removal treatments.

Lice Treatment On Freshly Dyed Hair

It goes without saying, YOU can’t shampoo freshly dyed hair. The lice shampoo will wash away your color along with your hard-earned money. Same goes for people who love doing DIY at home, keep your hair away from vinegar and mayonnaise. This will fade the dye and might even cause an allergic reaction

Be smart opt for natural nit picking method. If your hair are dyed recently then it has more nits than live lice. So, run down to nearest Lice Master  and get your nits removed naturally.

Dyeing To DYE But Got Lice

Cannot stand your un-colored hair but have a serious case of head lice infestation?

Even though dye can kill the live lice but the problem of nits persists leading to re-infestation. So, it’s better to get a lice removal treatment before you dye your hair. You can get your hair done after a day or so, but it is recommended you remove any active chemical ingredient that you might have applied for lice removal.

For the impatient ones out there, this waiting won’t be necessary if you use an all natural nit picking method. You can flaunt around in your dyed hair the very next day.

Clean Before You Color

If you want to bid farewell to these unwanted bloodsuckers, then make sure you get rid of them completely. To avoid re-infestation clean your house and personal belonging thoroughly.

If you want to focus on picking the right color for your hair, then leave the cleaning to the professional Lice Master. Call 800-403-5423 to avail the best lice inspection and clean-up services in Winter Park.