Has information technology done any good

  • Technology has improve the economic situation

    Technology has give us orientation and improve our standard of leaving mostly on transportation our movement from one place to the other, it has also engaged our youth in technical knowledge and educational level it has also provide employment to many of our youth including their standard of leaving. Technology has really liberated us

  • Technology is ruining mankind as we speak!

    People have become so lazy and dependent upon electricity, computers, television, and all these other luxuries, people have forgotten our natural roots. This being said if disaster were to strike the United States as we speak, people wouldn't wouldn't know what to do without the common goods and services they benefit from today.

    This being said, people need to go back to their roots.

    Not to mention, technology is killing jobs and making people robots themselves. It's so sad. I don't understand why farmers can't go back to the traditional way of farming and why we can't go back to doing some other things in a traditional sense.

    We are losing all of our independent thought and eventually there will be no such thing as independent thought.

  • Technology actually does more harm than good

    How can technology actually do more harm than good? Let us take moment to think... Look around at some of the many diseases or problems in the world: Cancer, Malfunctioning of the eyes and ears, Suicidal bombing, murder and so many more. Firstly what causes cancer in most people? Well believe it or not technology does it!!!! Here is how; If a person was to become hungry in the middle of the night and decided to prepare macaroni and cheese in the microwave, when that persons stands in front of the microwave he/she has a 99% chance of getting cancer!!! Now let us evaluate. Is it really better to risk getting cancer or even life than to do without a simple microwave.

  • Life is way easier.

    Each day in this era is much comfortable than it was before. We have online shops to fulfill our shopping needs, online banks to manage our cash, social media to stay in touch with our close ones and we now even have 3-D printers for food to fulfill our appetite! Technology keeps advancing and keeps making our life easier.

  • Technology causes more harm than good

    Did you know that from staring at a computer screen you can blink up to 5 times less resulting in dry eyes. Technology has also brought problems such as cyber-bullying. Cyber-bullying is using technology to deliberately and repeatedly bully someone. Kids are reportedly cyber-bullying from as young as second grade

  • Too much harm

    Children are becoming isolated and are stuck on their miserable technology gadgets. They have lost a lot of time and must study more to achieve extra marks in exams or more importantly HSC. Students and humans are becoming lost in technology and don't know what to do. Technology must not be taken for granted certainly has cause more harm than good

  • Technology causes more harm than good.

    Because of technology, we have cured more diseases, made our lives better and helped more people. Transportation, medicine, clothes, gadgets, all of them have done more harm than good. And i think nothing is ever perfect and the bad effects of technology are worth the people that benefit from it.

  • Yes i think its harmfull

    Technology has very much impacted us and made us the dominant species, but maybe we are doing it wrong. Ignorance is bliss. But we are so ignorant of the simple things because of technology. Technology has made certain things less sentimental especially communication. The media completely controls our opinion, it is almost as if media is religion, And we are so ignorant of this. Technology gives people too much power and its like we are living in a world where we are controlled ll by technology

  • Diluting society from inside

    Technology first made things efficient, but soon the advent of social media began, and then computers started taking jobs, and then the only jobs were IN computers. Social media is especially prevalent as something completely destroying discourse in society, turning people into narcissistic drones forced to compete with each other over Internet fame. If we shut it all down, we might be better off.

  • It`s people not technology!!!

    For me, technology caused more good than harm at us. Why? Just take into consideration this website. We can easily communicate our opinions and principles no matter what time is or where you are. It makes our life more convenient than ever. Mainly the goal of technology is to help us in our daily tasks but WE, people were very abusive when using this. Therefore, it`s the people`s use of technology that caused more harm and not technology alone.