Does the Indian army recruit underweight candidates

All the candidates who want to join Pakistan Army have to clear a specific selection procedure that requires candidates to fulfill a certain criteria in order to become eligible for joining the army. This criteria includes conditions related to various aspects of an individual like Age, Education, Nationality, Marital Status and Physical Standards etc. As we all know that rules are strictly followed in Pakistan army so no candidate is given even a slight amount of relaxation related to the selection criteria.

One of the most difficult stages to clear of a Pakistan Army selection process is physical fitness test. Apart from fulfilling the criteria related to height and visual standard, candidates are also putted into various physical fitness tests in order to evaluate their current physical fitness level. Only the ones who pass these tests as per mentioned criteria become eligible to move further in the selection process while all remaining ones are eliminated.

Pak Army Physical Fitness Test Requirements Scorecard Calculator

So before you go for your Pakistan Army physical fitness test, you should take a look at the fitness test requirements given below which includes running, Sit-Ups, Push-Ups and Chin-Ups so that you can prepare for it in the best possible way.

Physical Standards:

  • Minimum Height
    • 5’4″ (162.5cm)
  • Visual Standards:
    • Distant Vision With glasses 6/9, 6/12
    • Near Vision J2, J7 or N8, N12 with or without glasses
    • Average Weight As per given age and height standards
  • Physical Fitness:
    • 1.6 Km Run within 7 ½ Minutes
    • Push Ups (15 repetitions within 2 Minutes)
    • Sit Ups    (15 repetitions within 2 Minutes)
    • Chin Ups (3 repetitions within 2 Minutes)
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