Does Kaiser Permanente cover emergency room visits

If you go to a non-Plan hospital

You must call us to:

  • notify us that you have been admitted to a non-Plan hospital within 24 hours of any admission, or as soon as reasonably possible
  • request authorization before you get additional care from a non-Plan provider (care after your treating physician determines that your condition is clinically stable), if it is reasonably possible to do so

We know that extraordinary circumstances can delay your ability to call us — for example, if you are unconscious or the emergency involves a young child without a parent or guardian. In these cases, you must call us as soon as it is reasonably possible.

We will determine whether to make arrangements for necessary continued care where you are, or to transfer you to a facility we designate.

Please keep in mind that anyone can call us. If you don't call us when it becomes possible to do so, you will be financially responsible for the cost of unauthorized services received after you became clinically stable.