Does it snow in Ireland

Most people will say rarely but I don't think it's that rare because I see snow nearly every year in dublin sometimes it may be only a shower or a dusting like recent years but back in 2009 and 2010 in the part of Ireland where I live which is dublin there was about 3 foot of snow in my backyard during these winters and other winter like 01,04,05,07 all had snow too only a few inches but it still snowed like the winter just passed 2015 I woke up to a covering of snow on a few days bot a big amount but snow is snow right ?

Dublin and Belfast usually see more snow than other cities in ireland dye to their easterly location when a north easterly or easterly breeze blows from Scotland and Norway or from the north Sea east of Britain dublin and Belfast can be rendered to really rather heavy falls of snow

Cork, galway and limerick see snow also but these areas don't get quite as bad during (north) easterly breezes like dublin or Belfast but do get snow in turn during northwesterly winds.

Source(s): My experience of living in ireland all my life and knowing a good deal about the climate