Do you let your children smoke marijuana

I don’t have kids, but the day I do they would be allowed to smoke weed in the house if they end up deciding to smoke the stuff.

Obviously if I was a parent I would want the best for my kids, and would do what I could to make sure they don’t end up smoking weed.

However, I smoked weed for 11 years and I know for a fact that I would not be able to stop them smoking it if they want to, the more you confront them the more they will hide it. So, they will either smoke it or they wont.

As I mentioned I would want the best for my kids, and thus would not want them to smoke, but if they do smoke it I would still want the best for them, and the best would be making sure that they have a place to smoke it without the cops giving them any bother.

So yea, the kids are smoking weed, but better that than having them in prison for smoking weed and being exploited in to prison based slave labour for something that should be legal anyway. Let them smoke it in the house.