Do prawn crackers really contain prawns

No they are just flavoured like crisps These are the tasty prawn flavored chips that puff up when deep-fried. Prawn crackers (also called prawn flavored chips or shrimp chips) make a great snack food for both kids and adults. Their texture and flavor goes very well with beer.

For best results, don't fry too many of the prawn crackers at once, and have a wire basket ready to quickly remove them from the hot oil. I get the best results deep-frying 6 - 7 crackers at a time – more and it’s difficult to quickly remove them from the wok.


Prawn Flavored Chips, such as Ching Kee, as desired

4 cups oil for deep-frying, or as needed


Heat the oil to deep-fry the prawn chips (prawn crackers) to 360 degrees Fahrenheit (approximately 182 degrees Celsius). To find out if the oil is hot enough, either 1) use a deep-fry thermometer to test the temperature, or 2) place a cooking chopstick or a wooden spoon upright in the middle of the wok. If bubbles start forming around the chopstick or wooden spoon immediately, the oil is ready.

Place several chips in the hot oil, separating them if needed. Deep-fry the chips for a few seconds until they puff up (the process takes less than 5 seconds), then remove the chips and drain on paper towels. Lay out a fresh paper towel for each batch of chips before deep-frying.

Prawn crackers taste best served warm. If not serving immediately, store in a sealed container and reheat briefly in a 250 degree Fahrenheit oven (about 120 degrees Celsius) before serving.