Do people eat pot bellied pigs

Me and my husband have been talking about getting a pig to raise for meat. We've both had pigs/hogs in the past. Our local craigslist is full of potbelly pigs for around $15 for babies.
I know they are primary raised for pets.

Can they be raised for meat?
Are they good eating?
my cousin raised one and ate it, he said it was delicious... Idk if I would
I've heard that it has a lot of flavor though I've never tried it my self...
We just butchered two weighing a total of 400 lbs. BIG Potbellies! There is an enormous amount of fat on them. We ground them for sausage, kept the ribs, and made our own bacon from them. The meat is fine, but if I was going to feed out a pig to butcher, I would make it a feeder pig, not a Potbelly. We only did it because my DH got them for next to nothing, so we had no real investment in them. If I had fed them out, I'd have been very disappointed. The dress out percentage is very low.
Ive heard they are full of fat.
Theres some 8 week old babies for $15 locally.
I havent been able to find feeder pigs arpund me for a decent price.
There are a huge number of people who raise them for meat. They call them Asian Heritage Hogs as it is less upsetting to the pet crowd.

If you raise them for meat, control the diet because they will put on a lot of fat if they get too much of the wrong food to eat. With correct diet, they are good for meat and rumored to be delicious.
They are PETS that's disgusting. Do you eat your dog BC you can't afford a cow?