Could Lyanna Stark be Alive

A man survived his death. But how?

In A Song of Ice and Fire, the story is well-known of how Rhaegar Targaryen met his end at the hands of Robert Baratheon in the Battle of the Trident, in a war that erupted because Rhaegar  "kidnapped" Robert's beloved, the Lady Lyanna Stark. 

In the show, however, this war and Rhaegar's death is something only briefly touched upon by different characters. The consensus is- Rhaeghar died.

However, one theory suggests Rhaegar is, in fact, alive, and there are a couple ways of how this comes to be.

The first and most obvious way is due to the fact that since he was garbed in his signature Targaryen armor from head to toe, there was no way to know whether the man behind the helmet was the dragon prince or not. It could have been another man loyal to Rhaegar that took his place as the prince was elsewhere.

The second theory is far more interesting and evolves the previous guess in a more mystical way. Now, remember that in Westeros and Essos, beyond the Faceless Men, there's another way people can change their appearance

Rubies have some sort of mystical power on Game of Thrones, granting its wearer the ability to change their appearance. This can be seen on the show with Melisandre's dramatic transformation.

As Rhaegar's armor has been said to contain red rubies in its chest plate, which was smashed to pieces when Robert struck him with his war hammer, could these have served something other than a cosmetic purpose? Maybe. Maybe, Rhaegar was never at the Battle of the Trident and the rubies ensured that everyone saw what Rhaeghar wanted them to see.

However, here's where things get a little crazy! This theory not only suggests ways for how Rhagar Targaryen is alive, but that he's a character we're well familiar with. 

Jaqen H'gar is a mysterious man and one we're only familiar with because of Arya's quest for vengeance, one she believes needs the skills from the Faceless Men- a group of assassins that believe in the Many-Faced God (the god of death).

Some people have come to wonder how the Faceless Man was in Westeros and why was he headed to the Wall of all places. Had he a target? Or was there a more personal reason?

This theory argues he had been on his way to the Wall when he came across a girl, one who "had the wolf blood" as Ned Stark had once said to Arya, telling her, "Lyanna might have carried a sword if my Lord father allowed it. You remind me of her sometimes you even look like her."

Maybe that explains why Jaqen takes such an interest in Arya, going so far as to ensure that she learns everything she needs to in order to become an assassin, and why in the end, he ultimately lets her go without a fight.

It's an intriguing theory, especially since Jaqen is set to appear in Season 8, as actor spotted on setposted