Christmas wreath

Here’s a simple activity that can literally be put together in minutes Materials required: Toilet rolls Green poster paints Red clay Glue gun Scissors Step one: Paint the toilet rolls in different shades of green. Step two: Gently press the tissue roll to form an oval shape and cut pieces an inch in height. Step…

Pocari can lanterns

I’m sure with the temperatures running high you must be having a stash of cans lying around. I absolutely love it when I can upcycle/recycle and give something that we would probably throw out a new form/use. This is such an easy DIY and imagine the cost almost nothing. A quick video for you :…

Re-usable calendar

Reusable Calendar📅 Yup YoU heard it RiGhT😉 So this DiY took some thinking considering its the first one for 2018. Its been on my list for a long time considering “Forgetfulness is a normal part of motherhood” I quiet often landup forgetting iMpOrtaNT ThiNgs/DaTeS🤷‍♀️. . Am I the OnLY one???😣 . What better way to…

String art

“Family a little world created by love” I absolutely enjoyed doing this string art. Who would have thought banging some nails and playing with thread could relax you?  

Game of throne phone charger

As the fight continues of who will claim the throne? My phone took a leap and conquered it…. Swipe to see the Iron throne phone charging station coz why not???? In the honor of the release of its new season.