Can you drink essential oils

Is it safe to drink doTERRA essential oils?

Essential oils can be used topically (on the skin), aromatically (diffused) and/or internally (in drink or water). doTERRA essential oils are therapeutic grade, CPTG grade essential oils and are intended for topical, aromatic and internal usage. doTERRA essential oils are safe for internal consumption as long as certain safety guidelines are followed.

Essential oils are great for supporting the body naturally. Please note that most essential oils sold on the market are not intended for internal usage and many are adulterated with chemicals and additives. It’s extremely important to know the quality differences between different essential oil brands and how essential oils should be used in general. Also essential oils that are manufactured for aromatherapy usage (which is most essential oils on the market today) only, cannot be taken internally.

Please note that doTERRA is the only brand of essential oils that can be taken internally in a veggie capsule or add in food or drink. Certain essential oils can never be taken internally so be sure to check the doTERRA bottle for supplemental facts and proper dosage amount before consuming essential oils and follow certain safety protocols.

How to use essential oils in drinks?

You can add essential oils to water, smoothies, milk, tea, or other drinks. I personally love to use essential oils in my daily water as well as in tea and coffee.

Safety Precautions

Please check with your doctor if you are currently using prescription medicines or have existing health condition before consuming essential oils. Also if you are pregnant, certain essential oils should be avoided during pregnancy so please check the each and individual essential oil to see if it’s safe during pregnancy prior to consuming. Never use essential oils in plastic containers, only use in glass, stainless steel or ceramic. Please remember 1-2 drops goes a long way because doTERRA essential oils are extremely concentrated and highest quality available. Less is more with essential oils. It’s best to start with 1 drop and go from there.