Can guys wear wedding dresses

Hello everybody !!

Well, most of them do not seem to fit the dress, but there are also some other methods in which you can make them wear such gowns, at least once just for fun. Let’s forget a few moments about the hints, pieces of advice and so on and let’s laugh a little bit and see some men in wedding dresses.

In order to wear a dress you have to perfectly match the happiness of the moment and everything that you put on you should be fixed up to the tiniest detail. The first man wearing a wedding dress we came across was this chubby man, whom is very proud of his gown and we hope that he felt the same thing that you’re going to feel in your wedding day.

However, there are some details that have been omitted: like the fact that he has some hair on his arms and chest and also a beard, if these details were arranged in a way or another maybe he would have been a great looking bride! What we appreciate the most is the fact that he has the pieces of jewelry matching; there’s the pearl necklace with the pair of earrings and this is an exquisite combination and you have to admit it.A thing that’s also bothering us is his hair. He could have done something with it, because he’s wearing a tiara and a veil and they don’t look great on a messy hair.

You may think that this is insanity, but let’s think for a few seconds and you’ll see that’s the way it is and let’s not forget also that men can also be sexy in dresses if they really take this thing as half joking and they wear it long enough in order to feel just half of the things a woman feels when she wears that great looking gown.


God bless all!!