Are Oreos gluten free

When recently browsing news on the internet, the announcement of Oreo adding a new flavor had us clicking with expectation. Were we about to get gluten-free Oreos at last?

Sadly, we did not. The original chocolate sandwich cookie, a favorite of kids and adults alike, still does not come in a gluten-free version. The new flavor has Pop Rocks style candies in the cream, and Oreo has announced a $500,000 competition to create the next new Oreo flavor. So, while you all scramble to hit the jackpot and get a gluten-free Oreo, here’s a list of alternatives to tide you over.


From popular gluten-free brand Kinnikinnick Foods, KinniToos are not only certified gluten-free, but are also dairy-free, peanut and tree nut-free, and even kosher! They can be difficult to find in retail stores that aren’t speciality shops, but are readily available online.


Glutino is a brand that much more widely available at certain grocery store chains, and they offer a variety of certified gluten-free snacks, including a chocolate and vanilla cream sandwich cookie. The packaging here does indicate that they may contain milk, peanut and tree nuts.

My Dad’s

Another brand that’s becoming more prevalent in stores nationwide is My Dad’s cookies. These are certified gluten-free as well and tend to come in smaller packages, just 6 ounces, or roughly 16 cookies. Not a bad idea for those with a sweet tooth who want to let small portions remove some of that sugary temptation!

Great Value (Walmart /

Great Value is Wal-Mart’s gluten-free chocolate sandwich cookie, which probably will make them the most widely available Oreo alternative on this list. Thankfully, the Wal-Mart website is searchable by store, so you can find out in advance if these are in stock at the nearest location. They are also available at Wal-Mart’s online marketplace 

Trader Joe’s Joe-Joe’s

The Trader Joe’s brand gluten-free Oreo alternative is another much more widely available option, carried at most Trader Joe’s locations. These are also available in a gluten-free version of the highly popular Candy Cane Joe Joe’s, a delicious holiday version with peppermint cream!