Are older Bose speakers worth buying

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    Keep my old Bose cube speakers or buy new?

    Apologies as I am a newbie when it comes to audio quality..... I have a set of 5 Bose cube speakers about 15 years old.... They are currently plugged into a new high end onkyo receiver.... I am wondering if I should buy new speakers or are the 15 year old ones good? I presume the receiver drives a lot of the quality anyway?

    Any advice appreciated


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    If the Bose are working then age isn't an issue. However, you mentioned the Onkyo was "high end" I'm assuming not an entry level based on that, so if wanting to get the most from your receiver I'd suggest larger speakers. I would really need to know how much room you had for speakers and budget. Example, would you have to stick with small monitor type speakers or could you have floorstanding front speakers, room under or above your screen for a regular size center channel speaker etc. What are you using for a subwoofer?

    If wanting something smallish like Bose but higher quality take a look a Gallo Acoustics. In regular speakers there are so many options we'd need some way to narrow the field.

    You want capable speakers near the same level of the performance of your receiver. For instance, on a higher level receiver it's best to get higher level speakers. This is a general rule, there's always exceptions and often "same level of performance" is subjective. I'd recommend doing some listening to various brands and unless certain you found "the one" I'd buy from a place with option to return if not happy.
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    Bose cubes have low quality drivers, resonant cabinets and no crossovers. Pretty much any other mini system from a known speaker company would be better, except maybe the white van version speakers. Maybe.

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    You can probably sell your Bose speakers on eBay for a decent price, and then get something that will better compliment your Onkyo receiver.

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