Are Here Now brand women’s jeans good

The evergreen trend of branded jeans is in vogue at present as well. Market these days has numerous designer branded jeans name to make you stand different from the crowd. Jeans will never be outdated from the fashion world. But the jean brands matters a lot while selecting the jeans. With the range of brands that are available, it can be difficult to pick the right one. The choice of the brands for the jeans that are both sustainable and ethical to their core is now on the increase and they come in a range of colours, shades, patterns and designs.

Let’s first categorize jeans into a simple 2 star, 4 stars and 6-star rating. Classifying the two stars rated jeans will cost low whereas the four stars rated and six rated jeans will cost higher. Further, it can be added with the gold star that nobody can afford the custom made jeans. While you go for online shopping for top brand jeans like the Diesel jeans, Lyle jeans, and the Scott jeans, you should compulsory look for authorized dealers who were having the online portals. Though the jeans have come as a status today, it has turned out to be the casual wear of the trendy world. Here you will get the top 25 top and best jeans brands. Go Searching!

Famous Branded Jeans For Both Men And Women:

There are many brands of jeans are available like Levi’s, Lee, Movi, Diesel and etc. The history of diesel jeans began from Italy in the year 1955 with the future establishment but, it might be really not fair to discuss Diesel without mentioning this branded denim jeans. Of course, a quality Diesel jean will make you comfortable when worn. Colin’s jean brands had chosen the right marketing the strategy from the start. Unlike the other Turkish manufacturers of Denim, this will be in good quality and inexpensive. Mavi jeans are the leading and sold in trading centres. Wrangler is one of the three top most popular American jeans brands. Particularly, this has been known well for the cowboy style. Take a look at the 25 best branded jeans names that are popular in the market today.

1. Branded Jeans “LEVI’S”:


The Levis is the famous clothing company to make denim jeans wear. This is a top jeans brand for men and women and was founded in 1853 by the Levi Strauss. It is one of the leading denim brands which are one of the best known brands considered by many youths because of the affordable price offered by Levi’s.

2. “DIESEL” Brand Jeans For Men And Women:


The company was found by the Renzo Rosso in the year 1978. Diesel is the best in a class producer of the fashion collections. The best in class designers and creative directors make elegant designs and perfect fit meeting the requirement of the providers. This is yet another popular and most sought jeans brand in India.

3. “WRANGLER” Brand Jeans:


The wrangler is located in the downtown Greensboro. It was first made by Blue bell who acquired Casey Jones in the 1940’s. They are available worldwide for now with the best quality denim jeans. It is hand crafted with the excellent designers and tailored with the experts in tailoring. They offer a range of shades but are known for their various shades of blue denim contrasting from light to the darker shades.

4. “LEE” Jeans Brand:


The lee is the branding which is dedicated to the innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. They provide best in class jeans with the best in class employees and business associates and welcoming environment of the company. Provide best designs and fits according to the today’s trends. This best jeans brand provides clothing for men and women.

5. “SPYKAR” Jeans:


The winter is arriving now and its time goes away from the regular fabric in the wardrobe. The spy park is giving the good quality versatile range of jeans that will best suit for the playful and casual look. They are providing quirky prints to make the dull days to glow up. When worn will surely impress the attraction of the viewers and comes at an affordable price.

6. “PEPE JEANS” Brand:


The pepe jeans will provide best in class quality denim branded jeans for ladies that will ultimately suit the off-duty style. Which will make relaxing feel when worn and it will serve the best great-fitting jeans. They also offer a wide range of pepe jeans dress through online and offline. They offer wide range of formal and casual cotton wears also with the best quality.



In mens jeans brands flying machine is one of best branded company. Further, It will be first Indian company to have 1980. They are the best providers of jeans with authentic details and graphic they provide the best urban outfits and with innovative design and true Italian styling for the Indian company. They fall under the top jeans brand for men and provide the youth world with the deadly and bold designs that meet out the requirement their requirements.

8. “DENIZEN” Brand Jeans:


The Denizen provides the best quality, style, promotion, and availability, for the products that are produced. They make premium quality jeans which make remarkable values to make the user look better and feel fantastic. They also promise quality in the craftsmanship and authentic style from the Levi’s Strauss & company’s inhabitant.

9. “NUMERO UNO” Jeans For Women And Men:


The Numero Uno is one of the first made Indian denim brands which starts its journey by the year of 1987 and it is providing best in class quality jeans and they also are offer many other products. They offer a wide range of designs made by the best craftsmanship of the company and offering better quality tailoring for the long-lasting life of the product. This famous jean brand is a trusted choice for many youths.

10. Branded Jeans “BURBERRY”:

The Burberry jeans are the crafts made with the best in class design and craftsmanship of the company. They offer more comfort and designs that are capable of fulfilling the needs of youths today. There are designed in such way so that they are smoother and have more mobility to the person worn it. They Blue berry will be the better chaise to go with the selection of jeans.

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11. “G-STAR” Jeans:


The G-star jeans offer a wide variety of collection of jeans with the excellent quality designing, those serve as the best selection in case of selecting jeans. They are strut around in the designing of jeans. These products are available in both online and offline markets providing the best delivery is their surety with the next day delivery option as well.

12. “TRUE RELIGION” Brand Jeans:


This true religion is American clothing company they are offering premium denim cloths for their clients and regulars. The true religion brand jeans are more comfortable and luxury to wear. These branded jeans name is enough to tell you the durability of the product compared with others. These are designed with quality craftsmanship and bold style.

13. “KILLER” Brand Jeans:


The killer is the leading producer of the denim jeans and they make, design, and sell it out to the market with the good design quality and offers better stitch quality for the better life of the product which makes more customers’ to go for the branding in the selection of jeans. It is found to be the largest selling denim jean in India.

14. “KISS ME” Jeans:


The jeans produced by this company are ensured for its lightweight and comfortable fit with the best design and quality. They offer a wide range of jean collection especially for the women’s and college girls. They are also provided with the designs and the quality that is expected for the today’s needs and fulfilling economical needs also with the highest quality products at the reduced cost. Kiss Me is a famous new jeans brand in India that comes with a wide variety of selection.

15. Jeans “EDWIN”:

The Edwin jeans is a Europe based company providing with the most distinguished designs. The jeans will make you feel better and makes a master definition of style when worn. They follow better jean terminology with names on every thread of design is the specialty in them. They offer most designs which are aesthetically attractive to the others.

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The American eagle is leading producer of the denim jeans and they also ensure more built quality and also offers a wide range of collection on the variety of jeans. Their unique designs will make it good and great for the fit. They are hand crafted and made with more unique featured equipment which will impress the abstraction of crown towards you. They offer their designs for both men and women.

17. Brand “HUDSON” Jeans:


The Hudson Jeans will make the best jean industry with the better quality of the products. The jeans come up with the double stitch, providing the better life of the product. They are provided with the unique branding logo which will help to further identify the brand tag. They have a brand value and is probably another best jeans brand.

18. “GESTURE” Brand Jeans:

The gesture jeans are creating high-quality fashion wear with the conglomerating high-level craftsmanship. They offer better street level edge design and that emphasis for the better fit and comfort for the better feel of wearing jeans. They have over and a decade of experience in the designing jeans and evolving the marketplace.

19. “SIWY” Jeans:


The Siwy jeans are the committing excellence in the authentic closings. They offer best quality with the superior fitting and superior design with the trendsetting appeal to meet the requirements of today’s customer. They are balanced in the edginess and street wear influences with the core denim range that emphasizes proper proportion and detailing in the design. This is another best women’s jeans brand.

20. “LUCKY BRAND” Jeans:


The Lucky Brand will provide all day and all occasional need denim wears which will make fashionable cuts in designs with the luxurious material branding and full range denim wears that will make you feel extremely comfortable when worn and with the classy elegant design. Match it with your favourite tee! Go comfy!

21. “TRIGGER” Jeans:

Trigger jean brand is the best choice for men’s clothing. There are varieties of jeans available in online stores. You can select your own unique trigger jeans brand with the help of this article. This trigger jeans offer style and trendy and reliable for the wearers. You can wear these kinds of jeans at anywhere. This trigger is made with best-qualified clothes and it gives a rich look for the people. This is an ideal men’s jeans brand.

22. “EVISU” Jeans:

Evisu jeans are the best designer clothing company they are specialized in producing denim wear through traditional and labour intensive methods. You can get your unique collections of jeans with this Evisu jean brand. It will add extra official and stunning look for your attire. They also offer low waist jeans brand with a range of colours at your disposal to choose from their collection.

23. “JACK AND JONES” Brand:


Jack and john jeans brand are one of the popular brands in jean clothing. They are also available in cotton fabrics. They offer 100 percent pure fabric for their jeans brands. Each and every cloth is made in China. You can allow those clothes to silicone wash. These jack and john brand jeans are widely worn by teenagers and are their popular choice of jeans brand.

24. “MC” Jeans:

MC jean brands are the slim fit jeans; you can choose these jeans brands for any kind of official meetings and office parties. This will definitely give you the professional look. These jeans are available in plenty of colours. If you are the business person, wants to update your look, this MC is the best jean brand and as well as right brand to enhance your look

25. “VINTAGE” Jeans Brand:

Vintage jeans brand are widely used by both men and women. From the ancient days itself, these vintage brand jeans are the most popular one. It will give the professional and perfect formal look for the people. The vintage brand jeans are more durable and long-lasting while compares with other brands. This features in the top famous jeans brands.

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Today, there are many jeans available from the predominant brands that have made a remarkable note in the society. It has been accepted as a status symbol in our everyday attire, formal wear, and even for the business environments. But, it is highly recommended to spend more time on getting the best jean brands. What needs more attention when you choose the jean is the fitting. The jeans brand will have to fit around your waist well and match the height.

‘The problem with the online portals is that you could neither touch nor feel the product before you buy it. When you are planning to get the jumper for a jacket from Lyle and Scot, the wise option is to keep in mind the tune with the new collection which was introduced by the brand. If you are looking for the best jeans brand, you can select the ones available from the various brands like the Diesel jeans, Levi’s jeans, Lee, Sean jeans, Colin’s jeans, Mavi jeans, and the Wrangler jeans.

When it comes to ethics and sustainability, all the jean brands are not created equally. While shopping for jeans, spending little more time will make you beneficial getting the perfect jeans which will not only have a positive impact on the world around you but will also give you the needed comfort. Jeans last a long time. Spend a little more and save time later.