Thank you, teachers….

We as parents put a lot of thought when it comes to deciding about choosing the right school forgetting that at the end of the day its the teachers that directly impact our child.

Especially in their early age where kids develop values, self discovery and find their place in this big world.

We as parents need to recognize the efforts these teachers put everyday in shaping and molding our kids. They might not be perfect cause they are human.

Quiet often we keep racking our brains what is that perfect gift for my child’s teacher. So I decided to ask a handful of teachers that I knew and here’s what they said.

Whilst they still value thoughtful gifts they prefer:-

  • gift cards (with small value)
  • personalized gifts like pen/diary/items that they would use
  • a picture of them with your child (not framed)
  • a handmade card or handwritten note (priceless)

As another school year comes to an end and we are preparing thank you cards/gratitude gifts thought what better way than to make it personal.

Here’s a lovely way of showing a teacher some appreciation.

  • Where your child can capture their feelings about how they feel about them.
  • A teacher can see the impact they have had on your child.

Free Thank you teacher printable 1

Free Thank you teacher printable 2

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