Ramadan moon slider

Here’s an easy activity to put together with materials that are easily available around your home.
It also teaches our little ones more about the different phases of the moon.

Materials required:

  • White cardboard (little smaller than the A4 sleeve)
  • A4 blue paper
  • Cutter
  • Black marker
  • Paint brush
  • A mosque template
  • A bottle cover
  • Pencil
  • Watercolours

Step 1

Fold A4 blue paper into half and ask your little one to colour it with blue.

Step 2

Once dried use a bottle cover to draw a circle and cut

Step 3

Stick the bottom end of the paper with glue.

Step 4

Cut and stick your mosque template.You can use an image from online.

Step 5

Place the cardboard inside the A4 blue circle and draw a circle through the hole.Your sleeve is ready!

Step 6

The white cardboard should be a little smaller than the A4 size sleeve.Cut out the circle and your done.Insert the white cardboard into the A4 blue sleeve we made

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