Things I wish I knew before choosing my new born photographer?

If you’re looking to choose a newborn photographer, this blog post is for you.

The first time around when lil knight was a baby we used a well-established commercial photographing company. Being new parents we weren’t familiar of what to expect during our photography session. We clicked some great pictures although they were of our new family and not newborn.

When I was pregnant with baby number two like any other mum-to-be I started scanning pinterest for nursery wall diy ideas, newborn pictures and all things baby related. Totally oblivious to the complexity behind a new born shoot I approached Monjenique, a photographer whose work I adore as she creates a magical world around a baby capturing some unique pictures. She was also awarded the Nikon scholarship by Nikon Australia to attend ‘The Baby Summit’ in Australia last year. Being a mum to a 5yr old princess makes it easy for her to connect to another mum. As we brainstormed a couple of ideas I found Monjenique very flexible and open to suggestions which made it easier and allowed her to understand my expectations. She took the initiative and made a crochet hat to match the theme. I could see her experience through the way she dealt with me a new mother of two and my new born baby. Besides being so well organized she also knew her way around my 4yr old son and soothed little bub like a baby whisperer.

In this blog post I’m going to be giving you a heads up on what you should be considering when choosing your newborn photographer based on my own experience.

There are several important points to consider when choosing your photographer. And it’s important to take these factors into account ahead of your booking so that you can be sure to choose the right one.

·         Age matters:

The age of babies can sometimes make a difference in what type of poses you are able to position them in and whether they will like it or not. The best time to do a newborn shoot would be between 4 to 10 days after birth.  At this age, they are more likely to curl up in “womb-like” pose, stay asleep longer, don’t mind being unclothed, and usually have their feeding schedules set to at least every two hours.

Unfortunately I wasn’t aware of the importance of age. My little bub was a month old, wasn’t easy to wrap and kept having cluster feeds due to which it was a challenge to get him comfortable in any desired pose.

·         Price:

Please don’t be tempted to cut corners by taking on anyone who doesn’t do newborn photography professionally, or who offers incredibly cheap prices.  

When I took my LiL knight to remove his baby pictures I was shocked to see a soiled diaper lying open in the changing room; at that time I didn’t know any better.

The prices charged by newborn photographers are high due to some factors like:

-Sanitizing and cleaning:
A newborn baby requires a safe and clean environment especially when they are just 4 to 10 days old. You don’t want to have a sick baby at the end of your session. All equipment, props and the entire area should be sanitized after each shoot.

-Time taken to edit images:
To create a gravity defying pose or poses without parent supporting the baby, the photographer has to spend time editing and combining images. Through my own experience I realized no pose was easy and simple. Babies are not easy to control and capture, it’s all about timing.

·         Safety

The newborn photography industry here in the UAE is currently unregulated. That means that there is no specific qualification that a newborn photographer must have before they can start offering their service. 

So, even a novice photographer, with no experience of handling babies, could potentially market themselves as a newborn photographer! Without the right professional training, a photographer could put your baby at risk. There are certain poses that are not recommended and can obstruct circulation. At no point should a baby be left alone in a pose. Most pictures are created by combining one or more photos to create a ‘composite’ image.

Do a background check and don’t hesitate to ask questions to your newborn photographer.

·         Travel and comfort

It’s crucial to know whether the photographer will come to your home or you will need to visit their studio? If it’s at their studio, check in advance to know what to expect and calculate your travel time.

It’s very easy to get stressed out during a newborn photography session whilst handling a crying baby and feeds. Having said that I was impressed with Monjenique, who had a table ready to keep my 4 year old busy and some light refreshments/fruits to keep us hydrated and fed. This helped immensely and with my son busy we could concentrate on getting some good newborn pictures. She even made sure she had a hand sanitizer readily available and used a warmer to keep outfits and props warm and ready to use. Her studio had a toilet to use which makes it even more convenient.

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