Foosball in a box

With school almost over,holidays started and world cup fever why not create something fun for the whole family
Let the Foosball games begin…
Materials required:-
Wooden dowels/skewers/chopsticks
10 wooden pegs
A ball
Glue gun
Step one
Place your pegs onto your wooden dowel towards the side of the box and measure
Step two
Measure a centimeter above
Step three
Use your cutter and make 4 equal distant holes on both side of the box
Step four
Insert the dowels and glue on the wooden pegs
Step five
Cut a small rectangle on the opposite sides of the box as goals
Step six
You can choose to wrap the box with wrapping paper and paint the pegs to represent your favorite teams.
I decided to paint the wooden pegs and wooden dowels with acrylic colours and wrapped the box with brown paper for a move neater look. I even added a green A4 paper to make it look like a field.
Let the Foos ball games begin…

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