Pocari can lanterns

I’m sure with the temperatures running high you must be having a stash of cans lying around.

I absolutely love it when I can upcycle/recycle and give something that we would probably throw out a new form/use.

This is such an easy DIY and imagine the cost almost nothing.

A quick video for you :https://www.instagram.com/p/BVtp_UKFs_N/

Here’s how you can make your own:

Processed with VSCO with  preset

Materials required:

6 Empty Soda cans

Measuring tape/ruler

Permanent marker

A cutter

Spray paint/acrylic paint

Wire/ rope

6 battery operated tea lights

Double sided tape

Step one:

Wash and freeze your cans. Yes, you heard me right. This step is so important as it helps in cutting the can without having it deform in an odd way.

Using a permanent marker draw and cut slits every 1 inch around the whole can leaving a 1.5-inch space at the top and bottom.

Step two: Spray paint the cans with the desired colour or use acrylic paints.

Step three: Now carefully push the top and bottom making sure the column in between the slits bend in the middle, away from the can. It’s easier to do each column individually to get uniformity.

Step four: This is where you get creative and decorate the lanterns the way you want. You can add glue and some glitter or some designs using puff paints.

Step five: Seal this with a clear varnish or modge podge.

Step six: Place a double sided tape at the bottom off your tea light and they are ready.

These can be reused and can change the colour if you get bored of it.

I really hope you enjoyed this diy.

Quick tips:

Please take extra care when cutting and bending the tin use gloves if you are prone to cuts like me.

Spray paint outdoor avoids the smell and becomes easier for you to work

Additional options:

You can choose to place them on the floor or string them.

You can even tie them onto a string off lights so you get shadows of light through them

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