Sponge boat

I’m sure there are days when your stuck indoors whilst the weather is too hot outside.
Here’s an activity which will give you some quiet time while your child plays endlessly with this balloon powered boats.
There is so much that a child can learn from this simple activity such as what happens to air, why does a sponge float?
So lets get started!
I absolutely loved playing with the protractor after almost a decade.
Materials required:-
1 balloon
Sponge without the scrub
A pipe 2 cms diameter and 7.5 cms/3 inch length.(i used a plastic cake dowel)
Step 1
Place your protractor on the shorter side and mark 45ยฐ on both ends
Step 2
Cut a V using a cutter and make a slit at a center point measuring from tip to base
Step 3
Place the balloon through the slit and over the piece of pipe.
Step 4
Blow the balloon using the pipe and your ready for some endless fun

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