I’ve not had a chance to join in @dubaifitnesschallenge so when I was given the opportunity to try some yoga @voyoga I decided to seize it without hesitation.

So this time I got to try Express Bikram yoga 60mins🕉 #voyoga and it was definitely much more than what I expected.

What’s Bikram yoga??You ask…🤔
Its a great cardio workout consisting of 26 postures practised in a room heated to 40°C.It works your body inside out, detoxifies & cleanses.

Tracy Boyle, our instructor @voyoga took us through each posture with ease.It tested my balance, strengthened my core and worked every muscle. Even though I was dripping in sweat it left me feeling energized and wanting to come back for some more.

Voyoga is located on the 31st floor….. YES, can you imagine the view breathtaking😍…. I couldn’t resist trying out SWING yoga too its easy and is again a full body workout.

I’m going to leave the rest for YOU to DISCOVER…. so go ahead and TRY IT.

@voyogauae I’m coming back for MORE😉

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